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Electric Car Lease Deals

Explore our range of the best hybrid and electric car lease deals below. With car leasing, driving a pure electric, plug-in hybrid or conventional hybrid, has never been easier. And it has also never been more affordable.

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Step into the future with an electric or hybrid car lease and make the switch to a vehicle that’s great for the environment, costs little to run, and offers the latest cutting-edge technology and sophisticated driver-assistance systems. 

As the UK’s leading supplier of car leasing deals, we are able to offer some of the most competitive electric and hybrid prices on the market. Updated on a regular basis to guarantee you the best value deal, all our top offers are handpicked by our dedicated EV team to help you find the perfect electric car for your needs.

We offer incredible deals on all leading electric and hybrid manufacturers, including: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Nissan, Jaguar, Toyota and Tesla. Whether you’re looking for a family SUV, runaround city car, economical hatchback or stylish commuter saloon, at Select Car Leasing we have an electric vehicle lease deal to suit your requirements.

To discover all the benefits of leasing an electric and hybrid car, visit our dedicated EV guide page. Found a deal you like? For more information or to place an order directly, simply call: 0118 920 5130 or email: enquiries@selectcarleasing.co.uk.

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Want to know more about our electric car leasing deals? Get in touch now with our dedicated leasing consultants on
0118 3048 688 or email us at enquiries@selectcarleasing.co.uk

Leasing a car with Select Car Leasing… in 3 simple steps

Choose your plan

1Choose your electric car lease deal

Looking to lease a fully-electric vehicle, a plug-in hybrid or a self-charging hybrid? Simply choose the best EV lease deal for you, decide the length of the contract, set your annual mileage, make an initial payment, and add-in any optional extras.

Order a car with our team

2Order an electric lease car via our dedicated deals page

We have a dedicated team of electric car consultants to help you choose the best lease deal and to also guide you through the entire leasing process. Call 0118 3048 688 or enquiries@selectcarleasing.co.uk

Car delivered to your door

3Get a deal on an electric car - and have it delivered to your door

There’s no need to visit a dealership with Select Car Leasing - just order your electric vehicle online and it’ll be delivered to either your home or work address!

Is leasing an electric car right for my lifestyle?

Whatever your circumstances, there’s an electric vehicle to suit your needs. Whether you crave a fully-electric family SUV, a zippy city supermini, or a fuel-saving plug-in hybrid hatchback, there’s an EV lease deal for you.

With an electric vehicle lease you get the flexibility of driving a car for a two or three year period, you have fixed monthly payments so you can budget accordingly, and you also get a brand new, reliable vehicle that offers motoring peace of mind.

Electric vehicles can be expensive to purchase outright, but with a lease you get to enjoy everything that an EV can offer - incredible savings on the cost of fuel, an effortless driving experience, and sophisticated modern technology - without suffering the huge depreciation costs that buying new brings.

If you’re looking to drive an EV for the first time, a lease deal is the ideal gateway into this exciting new motoring world.

Is an electric car lease right for my lifestage?

Leasing an electric vehicle couldn’t be simpler with Select Car Leasing. And whether you’re a veteran of the road or you’ve just picked up your licence, there’s an EV for you.

On the one hand you have head-turning, high-performance electric vehicles from the world’s most prestigious brands, and on the other you’ll find affordable electrified hatchbacks that just ooze style.

And remember that the UK Government will end the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030, and has stipulated that all new cars and vans must be fully zero emission at the tailpipe by 2035.

Now really is the time to join the electric revolution!

Electric car leasing deals - an FAQ

There’s an electrified car to suit all budgets. And the great news is that an electric or hybrid vehicle is even more affordable when leased via our special offers pages.

Monthly leasing prices for an electrified vehicle deal begin at a little more than £200 per month, for a vehicle such as the Volkswagen e-Up!, and if you’ve got a larger budget, take a look at our affordable prices on the highly sought-after Audi RS e-tron GT or the sumptuous Range Rover Sport plug-in hybrid.

You’ll find all of the most popular electric and hybrid cars, from all the major manufacturers, on our special offers pages. The reason these cars are even more affordable than they usually are is that the funders and suppliers have dropped prices to entice new drivers into the revolutionary world of electrified driving.

The only thing to remember is that these deals are available for a limited amount of time and the offers typically expire within a couple of weeks. So, if you see something you like, act as soon as you can and make sure you don’t miss out.

Just like with a regular lease deal, when you take out a contract on an electric or hybrid car via a special offer deal, you’ll still be required to make an initial payment.

This initial payment isn’t a deposit, and it’s not something you get back at the end of the contract, but it is a way of reducing your monthly leasing costs so that driving a modern, state-of-the-art EV becomes even more accessible.

As the UK’s largest independent specialists for car and van leasing, Select Car Leasing has an unparalleled network of vehicle funders and suppliers. And through these unique relationships, we’re able to bring customers exclusive deals which are available for a limited amount of time.

The electric and hybrid vehicles you see on these pages are available at a lower monthly leasing cost than you’ll find anywhere else, and represent great value for money.

And remember that these deals are not for electric cars that nobody else wants - far from it.

You’ll still find deals for super-desirable vehicles such as the Tesla Model 3, the Kia EV6 and the Volkswagen ID.4, among a host of other cars from all the major manufacturers.

Leasing an electric or hybrid car that’s on special offer is precisely the same as leasing a traditionally-fuelled car.

And the process is extremely simple. Just choose the electric vehicle you want from our deals pages and then click the ‘Enquire’ button on the website. That request will go through to one of our specialist electric vehicle leasing consultants, who will be in touch to talk you through what happens next.

An electrified powertrain doesn’t just mean fully-electric. And on our special offers pages you’ll also find highly-attractive deals for plug-in hybrids and self-charging hybrids. The Hyundai Tucson PHEV is a family-sized SUV with plenty of appeal, while the cutting-edge Toyota Corolla is a ‘full hybrid’ that doesn’t need to be plugged in at all.

The key here is in choosing a deal on an electrified car that suits you - and if you’re struggling to make your mind up, our well-versed consultants are on hand to help.

You absolutely can, yes. Just because an electric or hybrid vehicle is on special offer, it doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of one of our maintenance packages. Such a package includes all-important car servicing, tyre replacement, and routine maintenance, all for a fixed monthly fee - starting at just £21 per month, depending on the electrified vehicle.

A Select Car Leasing maintenance package offers peace of mind, and the monthly cost is fixed for the duration of your contract.

The special offers on these electric vehicles are available for a limited amount of time only, and they typically expire within two to three weeks of being uploaded to the Select Car Leasing website. So, unless you want to miss out on one of our exceptional electrified vehicle deals, our advice is to enquire about one of the listed lease deals as quickly as possible.

And if you’ve got any questions, just call one of our expert EV leasing consultants on 0118 467 8448.

The prices you’ll see listed on our electric and hybrid vehicle special offers page reflect a set annual mileage, typically 5,000 miles per year. But you can still set your own preferred annual mileage by clicking on the deal you like, and simply altering the ‘Annual miles’ setting via the drop-down menu. As a good rule of thumb, the higher the annual mileage, and the shorter the leasing contract, the higher the monthly cost will be.

Have a play around with the settings until you find your lease deal sweet spot.

Many of the electric and hybrid vehicles listed on our special offers pages are in stock and ready to be delivered to your door within a month.

If you see a green tab saying ‘In Stock’ next to the deal you’re looking at, you know that it could be parked outside your home within a matter of days.

Meanwhile the other electric and hybrid cars you’ll see on special offer will be delivered within six months as a very maximum.

All electric vehicle lease deals include a charging cable which can be plugged directly into a domestic wall-socket.

But if you want to make use of a dedicated home wallbox, which will charge your car at a faster rate, you’ll need to make that investment yourself, with the cost of home chargers ranging from around £700 to £1,900. Read through our guide to make sure you're picking your idea electric car charger.

The great news is that you don’t need to have a home wallbox to enjoy an electric car, and you can instead make use of the many public chargers points that are located the length and breadth of the UK. We’ve got a handy guide to talk you through what to do when you can't charge your EV at home.

There are also charging subscription services - with Select Car Leasing having recently partnered with Egg - where a home wallbox charger will be installed free of charge, in return for a monthly subscription fee that also includes a smart charging EV app, and all-inclusive maintenance cover.

If you’ve got any questions about home charging, just reach out to one of our dedicated EV leasing consultants.

Important information
To be eligible for one of our offers you will need to be over 18 and approved for credit with one of our verified lenders. • Not every applicant may be eligible. • Information and prices are correct at the time of publishing which is subject to change. • All vehicles listed are subject to manufacturing availability. • All data listed comes from CAP database and subject to change. • All offers are subject to availability/change and may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice. • Failure to maintain payments may result in the termination of your contract agreement and the vehicle being returned. • All vehicles images and descriptions are for illustration and reference purposes only. • Please visit the manufacturer's website for more accurate specification. • Terms and conditions apply. • Please be aware that you do not own the vehicle at the end of the contract. • The finance company/funder does not allow and do not sign up to support the activation of In-car Connected services within all vehicles (there may be exceptions to this - please enquire).