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Volkswagen Golf Hatchback Lease

The VW Golf is a world renown vehicle with sales peaking in the millions it’s one of the most recognized and reputable vehicles of modern times and VW's flagship model. Volkswagen is a manufacturer who isn’t short of stellar offerings and iconic vehicles with some of the most famous and popular vehicles of the last fifty years tracing their origins back to VW’s Wolfsburg headquarters. Read more

This has been especially relevant over the With the addition of trims such as the Golf R, VW Golf Lease Deals is a great choice for many motorists. With silky-smooth appearance, luxurious interiors and smooth handling the Golf is a fantastic lease vehicle.

VW Golf Leasing

One of the key reasons for the popularity of VW Golf Leasing is it’s engine performance. Not only does the Golf feel-good to drive it is also very simplistic with handling some of the most responsive on the market. For those looking at VW Golf Leasing it will come as refreshing news that all models have upwards of 118bhp on offer and the BlueMotion versions have been heralded for their unique combination of efficiency and performance. The 1.6-litre TDi Diesel is perhaps the most powerful, although you’ll find exceptional performance in many other Golf vehicles including the sportier trims such as GTI and R. Leasing a VW Golf gives you a highly economical vehicle and is incredibly cost-effective.

The original Golf’s weren’t necessarily known for their practicality and interior spacing. Though thats certainly not true of the most updated version of the Golf with a wide breadth of legroom and a host of storage space, including a 380-litre boot, you won’t find the Golf lacking and it would more than easy suit those looking for a budget, small family car that still provides the required space.

VW Golf Contract Hire

VW Golf Contract Hire is one of the best lease options you can choose and has garnered respect and acclaim from the press and motorists alike. Of all the VW models it is the most highly-regarded and that, if nothing else, is the strongest indication of it’s success.

For more information leasing VW Golf, simply call us on 0118 920 5130 or email on enquiries@selectcarleasing.co.uk

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