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Lamborghini Urus Estate
4.0T FSI V8 5dr Auto [2021]

This vehicle has luxury tax added!

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Deal Summary

  • Lease Type:
  • P11D: £172,411.20
  • Initial Payment: 9 months
  • Contract Length: 48 months
  • Annual Mileage: 5,000 miles
  • Maintenance: No thanks
  • Arrangement Fee: i £195.00 plus VAT
  • Road Tax: Included
  • Breakdown Cover: Included
  • Delivery: Free UK Mainland
  • Colour/Trim: Undecided
  • Options: Undecided

Excess mileage fees may apply.
Underwriting restrictions may apply.

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Rated 4.9/5 from over 18,968 genuine customer reviews. See all reviews here.
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'No problems or issues at all during the whole experience. They kept me up to date with phone calls, emails & texts. Everything went very smoothly & I'm very happy with my new car.'
Alternative text
'After researching the market for a recent lease hire these guys were £100/month cheaper than other suppliers for the same model car. Great customer service and advice, everything processed smoothly and zero hassles with car delivery. Top notch service, thank you.'
Bluewave LTD
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'Their service and professionalism is second to none. Luke was very helpful friendly and nothing was too much. Will definitely be returning when the lease ends.'

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Vehicle info

  • Manufacturer OTROTR: £174,466.20
  • Fuel typeFuel: Petrol
  • No. of SeatsSeats: 5
  • Fuel ConsumptionMPG:22.2 MPG
  • Engine SizeEngine:3996 CC
  • CO2 EmissionsCO2:325 G/KM
  • Gearbox: Automatic
  • 0-62mph: 3.6 SECS
  • Engine PowerPower: 650 BHP
  • Engine powerPower: 650 BHP
  • 0-620-62: 3.6 SECS
  • Top SpeedTop Speed: 190 MPH
  • Engine SizeSize: 3996 CC
  • GearboxGearbox: AUTOMATIC
  • Combined MPGComb. MPG: 22.2 MPG
  • Urban MPGUrban MPG: MPG
  • Service Interval MilesService Miles:
  • Service Interval MonthsService Mths:
  • Extra Urban MPGExt. Urban MPG: MPG
  • CO2CO2: 325 G/KM
  • Number of seatsNo. of seats: 5
  • NCAP ratingNCAP: Not Available
  • LengthLength: 5112mm
  • WidthWidth: 2016mm
  • Boot SpaceBoot Space: 616cm3
  • HeightHeight: 1638mm

Std Equipment

i Vehicle data is provided by a 3rd party, therefore we encourage you to check all equipment on configurator of manufacturer's website prior to order.

    Driver Convenience

  • 3D map navigation
  • Apple car play/Android Auto
  • Cockpit display 12.3" widescreen digital instrument cluster
  • Cruise control
  • Driving dynamics mode selector
  • E-call with private call
  • Electromechanical power steering
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Head up Display
  • Highway assist
  • Infotainment system with 10" and 8.6" configurable screen
  • Lane departure warning system
  • Phone box amplifier
  • Phone box with coupling antenna incl WLC and external antenna
  • Phone box with wireless charging/connection to vehicle aerial
  • Power tailgate
  • Service indicator
  • Trip computer
  • Urban road assistant
  • Voice control/recognition
  • Entertainment

  • Bluetooth audio streaming
  • DVD System
  • Music USB interface
  • Shiny black lamborghini bezel
  • DAB audio (Available as no-cost option)
  • Hifi sound system includes 8 systems and 4 channels (Available as no-cost option)
  • Exterior Features

  • Aluminium door sill guards
  • Carbon air intake
  • Daytime running lights
  • Electric adjustable heated door mirrors with memory
  • Electric folding door mirrors
  • Electrochrome door mirrors
  • Electrochrome rear view mirror
  • Front and rear electric windows
  • Full LED adaptive lighting with AFS and cornering function
  • High beam assist
  • Left convex exterior mirror
  • Tempered side and rear glasses
  • Black matt wheel arch (Available as no-cost option)
  • Body colour exterior mirrors (Available as no-cost option)
  • Body coloured bumpers (Available as no-cost option)
  • Satin chrome exhaust tailpipes (Available as no-cost option)
  • Interior Features

  • Alcantara headlining
  • Axial and vertical adjustable steering column
  • Embossed logo on headrest
  • Front and rear head restraints
  • Front climate control
  • Heated front seats
  • Isofix attachment on front seat
  • Leather front centre armrest
  • Leather rear centre armrest
  • Multi-zone climate control in rear
  • Split folding rear seat bench/backrest with center armrest
  • Stainless steel load sill protection
  • 12 ways electric front seats with power adjustment, lumbar support and memory feature (Available as no-cost option)
  • Black air vents (Available as no-cost option)
  • Multifunction steering wheel in smooth leather (Available as no-cost option)
  • Unicolor leather upholstery (Available as no-cost option)
  • Packs

  • Connect package and connect service with active esim - Urus
  • Colored upper leather pack - Urus (Available as no-cost option)
  • Safety

  • 3x3 point rear seatbelts
  • ABS
  • Active safety features with crash mitigation measures
  • Carbon ceramic brakes
  • Collision mitigation braking system
  • Driver and front passenger airbag with passenger airbag deactivation
  • Electric parking brake with AVH
  • ESP + traction control
  • Front side airbags with curtain airbags
  • Pedestrian protection measures
  • Pre crash front
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system
  • Silver brake calipers (Available as no-cost option)
  • Security

  • Immobiliser
  • Keyless entry/go with safelock
  • Perimetral and volumetric anti theft alarm system with towing protection
  • Technical

  • Active anti-roll bar control
  • Adaptive air suspension
  • Lamborghini 4WD with rear torque vectoring
  • Rear differential with lateral torque vectoring
  • Trim

  • Inserts in brushed aluminium
  • Inserts in wood piano black
  • Lamborghini logo on dashboard
  • Leather upper door trim panel
  • Wheels

  • 21" Alcione silver alloy wheel (Available as no-cost option)
  • 21" summer tire (Available as no-cost option)
  • Puncture inflation kit (Available as no-cost option)

Tech Data

    Emissions - ICE

  • CO2 (g/km):325
  • HC+NOx:Not Available
  • Particles:Not Available
  • Standard Euro Emissions:EURO 6
  • WLTP - CO2 (g/km) - Comb:325
  • Engine and Drive Train

  • Catalytic Convertor:Yes
  • CC:3996
  • Compression Ratio:9.7:1
  • Cylinder Layout:V8
  • Cylinders:8
  • Cylinders - Bore (mm):86
  • Cylinders - Stroke (mm):86
  • Engine Layout:NORTH SOUTH
  • Gears:8 SPEED
  • Number of Valves:32
  • Transmission:SEMI-AUTO
  • Fuel Consumption - ICE

  • EC Combined (mpg):22.2
  • EC Directive 1999/100/EC Applies:Yes
  • WLTP - FC (l/100km) - Comb:12.7
  • WLTP - MPG - Comb:22.2
  • General

  • Alternative Fuel Qualifying:No
  • Badge Engine CC:4.0
  • Badge Power:650
  • Based On ID:Not Available
  • Coin Description:TFSI
  • Coin Series:Not Available
  • Generation Mark:1
  • Insurance Group 1 - 50 Effective January 07:Not Available
  • NCAP Adult Occupant Protection %:Not Available
  • NCAP Child Occupant Protection %:Not Available
  • NCAP Overall Rating - Effective February 09:Not Available
  • NCAP Pedestrian Protection %:Not Available
  • NCAP Safety Assist %:Not Available
  • Did at least one aspect of this vehicle's safety give cause for concern?:No
  • Special Edition:No
  • Special Order:No
  • Vehicle Homologation Class:M1
  • Performance

  • 0 to 62 mph (secs):3.6
  • Engine Power - BHP:650
  • Engine Power - KW:478
  • Engine Power - RPM:6000
  • Engine Torque - LBS.FT:627
  • Engine Torque - MKG:86.7
  • Engine Torque - NM:850
  • Engine Torque - RPM:2250
  • Top Speed:190
  • Test Cycles

  • Emissions Test Cycle:WLTP
  • Tyres

  • Alloys?:Yes
  • Space Saver?:No
  • Tyre Size Front:285/45 R21
  • Tyre Size Rear:315/40 R21
  • Tyre Size Spare:TYRE REPAIR KIT
  • Wheel Style:Not Available
  • Wheel Type:21" ALLOY
  • Vehicle Dimensions

  • Height:1638
  • Height (including roof rails):Not Available
  • Length:5112
  • Wheelbase:3003
  • Width:2016
  • Width (including mirrors):2181
  • Weight and Capacities

  • Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres):75
  • Luggage Capacity (Seats Up):616
  • Max. Roof Load:Not Available
  • Max. Towing Weight - Braked:Not Available
  • Max. Towing Weight - Unbraked:Not Available
  • Minimum Kerbweight:2200
  • No. of Seats:5

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