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Electric Car Leases

Electric car leasing is one of the biggest growth markets in the automotive industry, with more and more manufacturers committing to producing their own all-electric models. On top of the obvious positive environmental benefits that electric cars offer, leasing an electric car is a highly cost-effective option and with the emergence of almost futuristic vehicles produced by brands such as Tesla, electric vehicles have garnered a reputation for leading the way in innovative technology.  

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What are the key benefits? An electric car has much lower running costs, and the growing number of charging points across the UK mean it’s no longer an impractical choice. Furthermore, Government grants of up to £3,000 on the lowest band of electric cars can also help you make a significant saving on your next electric car lease.

Leasing an electric car gives you a wide choice of excellent vehicles, from the futuristic, super-powered Teslas and the new Jaguar iPace EV to the all-purpose BMW i3, the Volkswagen e-Golf and e-Up! Range on a single charge is now much improved – some electric vehicles go over 300 miles before they need a recharge.

When you lease an electric car from Select Car Leasing you benefit from the peace of mind that every vehicle is brand new, so you can ensure you’re always at the forefront of the latest in-car technology and features.

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