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Affinity Scheme

By joining forces with Select Fleet Solutions, you can give your employees access to a range of preferential discount terms on all the best new lease cars, via our unrivalled panel of funders.

And not only that, our Affinity Scheme can also save employees valuable time, ensuring they don’t need to spend hours visiting dealerships or shopping around for the best possible leasing offers.

The Affinity Scheme is simple, easy to use and available to employees who choose to take a cash allowance.

Affinity Scheme for cash allowance lease employees

In a cash allowance scenario, an employer pays a sum of money to an employee, in addition to their regular salary, to enable them to take out a personal lease.

It’s an alternative to a firm providing an employee with a company car. Or it might also be a way for an employee to drive their dream car if they’re not eligible for a company car.

With the Select Fleet Solutions Affinity Scheme, employees have exclusive online access to discounted lease deals on brand-new vehicles.

And we can offer a wide array of outstanding personal lease deals from the vast majority of the key manufacturers.

Offered directly through you, their employer, employees will have access to deals that are only available to them as a result of working for you – creating a valuable recruitment and retention tool.

It’s an attractive employee benefit that complements our comprehensive solutions for company car drivers.

Affinity Scheme Frequently Asked Questions

The Affinity Scheme gives an employee access to all popular makes and models from the vast majority of manufacturers, from compact city cars to luxurious SUVs. And because of our blue-ribbon partnership with the key funders and dealerships, the employee enjoys the most affordable deals. 

Cash allowance simply means that an employer provides additional funds to an employee so that they can secure their own personal lease deal via an Affinity Scheme, as opposed to supplying them with a company car through the business. It’s flexible, it’s convenient, and our Affinity Scheme gives the employee access to the best possible lease deals.

The Select Fleet Solutions Affinity Scheme allows an employer to offer a lease vehicle to an employee through finance, at a heavily discounted rate that’s negotiated via our comprehensive network of funders and dealerships. There’s no Benefit In Kind (BIK) tax payable, as car leasing is seen here as a voluntary benefit instead.

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